About Us

Hi! We're luowend jewelry


Our Legacy

The story started back in 1995 - an engineer working with the development of stamping tools started a business for the jewellery industry. This progressed in a way where the company continuously worked its way closer to the end consumer. luowend jewelry was born in 2015.  In under 5 years, luowend jewelry became the largest online jewellery store in the China. Our crew has over 100 years of combined experience including manufacturing and selling jewellery and accessories. Today we’re are selling high-quality fashion jewellery with the latest trend to sparkling women all around the world.



Our Vision

We will become the leading brand in need-now jewellery. That is our vision. To achieve our vision it’s all about you. Our customers and followers are the foundation of everything we do, and in our daily efforts to make you satisfied, we believe that we must be fast, global and trend conscious. Together with you, we will get the whole world to shine in style.



Our Products

We are not satisfied unless our products are on-beat with the latest trend and neither should you. We put a lot of effort into keeping up with the latest trends and produce our collections together with selected designers and influencers.


The absolute majority of personalizejewelry’s products are made from precious metals. We see this as our mission.  Just about anywhere you can find cheap accessories that are made from steel alloys and plastic products. If you do not want to consume steel or plastic products there are also tons of luxurious brands selling exclusive jewellery made from gold and silver, at the price of “half a car”. This is where we want to disrupt. Need-now jewellery made from precious metals should be affordable without compromising the level of fashion. We want to allow everyone to shine in style.